Video Auditions

DanceWorks Chicago is dedicated to creating a safe and accessible space for artists and audiences.
While auditioning via DayLab provides a dancer with personal insight into DanceWorks Chicago culture via work with the artistic team, dancers may select the video audition option to be considered for DanceForce and/or ChoreoLab Summer 2022. Please continue reading to see what is NEW with regard to video audition requirements for Dance360 Summer 2022 offerings!
Video auditions will be assessed on a rolling basis. Dancers will be notified of their audition result within three weeks of receipt of a completed submission. 
The Video Audition Deadline for dancers interested in applying for a Summer 2022 scholarship is Friday, April 15, 2022, in order for the audition assessment to be sent to the dancer in advance of the scholarship application receipt date of Friday, April 29.

Video Audition Checklist

  • HEAD SHOT that looks like YOU!   Optional
  • DANCE REEL LINK: 15 minutes total, links to YouTube or Vimeo work great!
    • The dance space you select (home, studio, outdoors) is less important than the ability for the viewer to see you clearly.
    • Include only work that has been performed/recorded in the past six months.
    • Please consider attire, background, and lighting that supports the best experience for the viewer.
    • Share material in 2-4 dance genre(s) of YOUR CHOICE. Ideas include but are not exclusive to Ballet, Contemporary, Cunningham, Gaga, Graham, Hip-Hop, Horton, Jazz, Limon, Musical Theater, Release Modern, and Taylor.
    • Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.
    • Your reel should include classwork as well as choreography and demonstrate your proficiency in the following areas:
      • Organization and mastery of the body (technique)
      • Musicality
      • Variations in:
        • Texture
        • Level, Movement Through Space
        • Dynamic
        • Tempo
      • Personal voice/style to share who you are rather than merely what you can do
  • RESUMÉ not to exceed one page, please, shared as a Word document or PDF or  (NEW!) a one-two minute video shared via a link. Tell us your story!
    • May include the following:
      • Contact information
      • Current and most recent dance training
      • Dance and/or performance highlights
      • Current and/or most recent jobs (dance and non-dance)
      • Academic achievements, majors and/or minors
      • Community-building and/or service projects
      • Reference: a dance teacher/mentor/choreographer, including first and last name, relationship to you, organizational affiliation, and e-address.
  • FEE: $30, payable via credit card or PayPal

QUESTIONS? Inquire with Dance360 Program Director Sara Bibik.  Please note that DanceWorks Chicago respects your privacy, and your application and its contents will be kept strictly confidential.

Fill out my ONLINE FORM.
*TIP: Review the form requirements in advance of completion as the form must be submitted in its entirety (in other words, it is not possible to save your work, leave the form, and come back to complete at a later date). Your understanding is appreciated.
DanceWorks Chicago is committed to supporting individual artistic growth, providing a laboratory for early career artists to journey from “good to great” through training, collaboration, mentorship, and performance. DWC shines a spotlight on individual artists, celebrating unique voices and finding harmony in collaboration. We look forward to reviewing your application!!