Video Auditions

In the interest of connecting with applicants regardless of geography or socio-economic status, DanceWorks Chicago is happy to invite dancers wishing to be considered for Dance360 summer programs DanceForce and/or ChoreoLab the option to audition via video. If you would prefer to audition in person via DayLab, which offers dancers the opportunity to experience the Dance360 culture, meet DWC staff/dancers, and have your questions answered directly. please see our in-person audition page.


The video audition submission deadline is Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Video Audition Checklist

  1. Application Form
  2. $30 Application Fee
  3. Video URL
  4. Two Photos: Head Shot and Dance Shot
  5. One-Page Résumé

Video URL Requirements

YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive work great!

  • Length: 15-20 minutes total
  • Include only work that has been performed/recorded in the past 4 months
  • Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.
  • Start with ballet technique including center work:
    • Tendu/dégagé exercise with port de bras and épaulement
    • Adagio including développés front, side, back as well as a promenade
    • Pirouette combination including pirouettes en dehors and en dedans
    • Petit allegro exercise including batterie
    • Grand allegro combination moving through space
  • Continue with jazz, contemporary, or modern choreography
    • Two different pieces, two to five minutes each
    • Solo work is ideal; however, if group work is submitted, please identify yourself at the beginning of the segment
    • Choreography should highlight technical ability as well as personal voice/style to share who you are rather than merely what you can do.
    • Include a variety of dance elements such as level changes (floor work), movement through space, musicality, etc.


  • A head shot that looks like YOU!
  • Dance shot: Dance360 is focused on the whole person, so select an image that provides insight into who you are as a dancer and a human!


A one-page résumé (PDF or MS Word document) to include the following:

  • Contact information
  • Training (current school plus previous consistent training and impactful workshops/intensives)
  • Performance experience
  • Academic achievements, if applicable
  • Service recognition, if applicable
  • Reference: a dance teacher/mentor/choreographer, including first and last name, relationship to you, organizational affiliation, and e-address.
You will be notified of your application status no later than May 4, 2020. Please note that DanceWorks Chicago respects your privacy, and your application and its contents will be kept strictly confidential.
Fill out my online form.
TIP: Review the form requirements in advance of completion as the form must be submitted in its entirety (in other words, it is not possible to save your work, leave the form, and come back to complete at a later date). Your understanding is appreciated.