Open Company Audition

Dance Center of Columbia College
1306 South Michigan Avenue


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DANCERS, thank you for your interest in joining the DanceWorks Chicago family for our 10th Anniversary Season with classes and rehearsals starting in September 2016. We look forward to welcoming you and getting to know your work at our audition on stage of the Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 South Michigan Avenue. Directions and parking information can be found HERE. Please keep in mind that summer weekends in Chicago bring a myriad of festivals and special events. Allow enough time for transport and parking, if applicable.


9am, doors open

10am, audition begins with ballet

noon-ish, audition continues with DanceWorks Chicago repertoire taught by DWC dancers PLUS a special section led by choreographer Christian Denice

2pm, audition concludes

As noted above, registration begins at 9am and closes at 10am. Please complete a registration form which will be available on the day of the audition (bring a writing implement) and return it to a volunteer in the lobby. We realize that there is expense involved, so resumes and photos will only be collected from dancers remaining on stage at the end of the audition. Please have your materials available at that point.

Dressing rooms are available on the lower level, off stage left. Food and beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms; however, theater management requests only water on stage, please. There are showers in each dressing room. Both the studio on the lower level as well as the stage will be available to warm up after your registration is complete.

The audition will begin at 10am with ballet class to be followed by DWC rep/choreography sections. While I will make every effort to keep people involved in the audition as long as possible, I will need to excuse dancers throughout the process in order to identify and concentrate on a final pool of candidates. Remember, this audition is open to a public audience as part of our on-going effort to illuminate the work of art. Audience members may come and go throughout the day.

If released early from the audition, auditionees are welcome (and encouraged) to join the audience. Please go through the lobby of The Dance Center and enter the house. Prior to your departure, we would sincerely appreciate your attention to a simple, anonymous exit survey available for you post-audition, part of our effort to understand this experience from the dancers’ point of view.

DanceWorks Chicago is committed to build a foundation for early career artists by providing a laboratory from which dancers and choreographers propel themselves and the art form to a new level of artistry through training, collaboration, mentorship, and performance. Thank you for joining us in this journey.