New Dances 2020 Episode#4_Joanna Meccia

There’s a whole lotta NEW going into New Dances 2020, including individual Episodes hosted by each New Dances 2020 choreographer!

Thank you for your patience in awaiting ticket information!  One of the many good things about this year: seating is unlimited, so an excellent seat awaits you, well, unless you give away your fave chair at home!

DanceWorks Chicago and Thodos Dance Chicago will donate ticket proceeds for Episode #4 featuring Choreographer Joanna Meccia to Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, a Chicago-based beneficiary selected by the artists of this work.Your $10 ticket purchase supports Chicago artists and organizations exercising the muscles of courage in creativity and community!

CLICK HERE to access the program for Joanna’s Episode!

GRATEFUL for UNDERWRITING of NEW WORKS by Marta Babson, Parke and Lena Ballantine, Pamela Crutchfield, Charlie Gardner and Patti Eylar, Lauren Vitale, and Ula Widawska!

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.