Find Your Light

YOU ARE INVITED to the unveiling of DanceWorks Chicago’s first-ever dance film!

Find Your Light
Director, Choreographer, Editor: Arcadian Broad
Dancers: Racquel Mar, Sayiga Eugene Peabody, Elijah Richardson
Music: Hold Until I Return
Composer: Arcadian Broad
Videographer: Jon Waisman
Lighting Designer & Stage Manager: Sarah Lackner
Ghost Light construction by StoneWolf Studios

About the origin of ghost lights: People believed theaters were inhabited by ghosts, which would hide during the performances and come out once the theater emptied. To prevent mischief between performances, theaters began leaving candles or gas lights, now known as ghost lights, on stage to ward off ghosts and hold the space until the performers returned.

This ritual is still practiced today for many reasons.

During COVID-19, in addition to theaters, performers, stage crew, and audiences turned on their own ghost lights. These lights shine to bring hope and assurance that the space will be held for a safe return. This feeling translates to our personal lives. We have all felt uneasy, anxious, apprehensive, whether it be due to starting a new career path, moving to a different city, meeting a new family member. Each person has that place in their life that holds the feeling of home. The stage is a home for artists, who are nervous to return after being away for so long. They are not alone. The ghost light has held the space for their triumphant return and welcomes dancers, production staff, and audience members as old friends.

DanceWorks Chicago is holding space for YOU! Please join us to meet the artists, see the film, and celebrate commUNITY!

ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!  Thursday, April 22 (all times Central):

  • 6:45pm, Zoom Room opens
  • 7pm-7:30pm, Program


In addition to the film screening and behind-the-scenes stories, BYOBeverage and be ready to lift your glass in memoriam to philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus, whose eponymous foundation is a Founding Friend of DanceWorks Chicago and for whom Team DWC will be forever grateful.

PLUS, audience members are invited to

  • offer a quote involving the theme of light via the Zoom chat function
  • SHARE YOUR LIGHT with everyone (please bring a candle, twinkle lights, flashlight, phone) as the finale to the event.

See you there!

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.